Friday, November 30, 2007

Grandest Expression!

The Centered Being, fully expressed and in harmony with all!

Is there a process?

Zentao states that there is a fundamental approach to being that can be shown, demonstrated, heard....

A a process of seven steps is provided:

1. Essence - this one is simple: you are. Getting through the layers that cover the real you may not be so simple....

2. Recognition- recognizing that the "you" that you are - the essence, the Self, the Soul - wants to express who and what it is.

3. Foundation - knowing what you are and deciding to truly be that "you."

4. Development - the learning of principle and techniques that allow you to express (be and do outwardly) that which you are on the inside.

5. Inspiration - manifested expressions and intangible conceptualizations that help to inspire you to your end goal of expressing your true nature.

6. Passion - the driving force

7. Expression - the culmination, the actualized doing manifested.

...each individual - has a unique way of perceiving, that perception a part of the whole, no less and no more important than any other.

Each viewpoint is valuable. And the loss of any one is not just a loss to that individual, but to the greater whole of human understanding and growth.

Yet too few of us achieve true self-expression simply because we lack the knowledge of how to "just do it." We lack the knowledge, first, to recognise this desire to express. Then we fail to comprehend how to go about it. And often, even when we do learn the how's, we are afraid to present to the world the expressions of our own uniqueness for fear of rejection.

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