Thursday, October 2, 2008

What is your style of Waking Up?

Aah! The tribulations of life!

Every ONE is struggling...the students, daily-wage earners, entrepreneurs, terrorists, politicians and even the beloved monks - for example, the Tibet movement for liberation.

Is THIS all (simply) a nightmare, with each individual as the AUTHOR of all his/her troubles?

Does THIS world need healing? All sages are trying (with thousands praying with them), but that still seems to be a lot of effort.

Anyway, the enlightened ones say that "nothing needs to be done"? Nothing to avoid, endure or transcend...not even a "waiting" is necessary.

Lisa Hepner says nothing needs to be "healed," only "revealed."

She quotes Joel Goldsmith (The Art of Spiritual Healing):
"Just for a moment imagine that you are experiencing an unpleasant night dream: You are in the ocean, swimming; you have gone out too far; you look back toward the shore and see that there is very little hope of rescue. Even though you shout your lungs out, no one can hear you. And so you are seized with fear. You struggle and strive to reach the shore, and, of course, the harder you fight, the harder the ocean fights you. There is only one thing left for you to do - drown. Yes, drown - but wait! In your fight, you shouted and someone heard you, came over and shook you, woke you up, and behold the miracle! The drowning self disappeared; the ocean disappeared; the struggle disappeared. You awakened and found that you had never left your comfortable home. All that was necessary in order to be released from the struggle was to AWAKEN."

Now, go back to moment when you woke up today!

What was it like to wake up?

I know someone who simply wakes up --- moves out of his bed as if he has just finished a cup of coffee.

Most of us, wake up gradually - slowly, we "come to senses" after an initial disturbance from an alarm clock or some sound or distraction.

What is your style? It could give a critical clue about your spiritual life and help you remove some barriers.