Friday, May 27, 2011

No-Where, Now-Here and Everywhere

Nowhere is one of the most beautiful spaces
Being in an unknown, undetermined, uncertain space!
Do I know where I am?
Do I know who I am?
Do I know whose thought is this?
Am I the doer?
Is there a before and is there an after?
Am I consciousness? The experiencing 'organ'?
What is missing? Complete 'Knowing-ness'!
I am upset that I do not know
And, I will never know
Because the entity (separated being) which wants to know has to be dropped
The questioner has to disappear
The questioning happens because I am in a SEPARATED space
The source of all internal movement is separation
I am separate, so I wish to resolve it
Disassociating from this existence is a barrier
Accepting it all is an access
Accept the gap, the 'non-knowingness' and the separation
Own this up - all of it
This existential construct to experience my own magnificence by forgetting it all and landing in an unknown state
I am here because of deliberate forgetfulness
And, the access back to the pristine magnificence and glory is forgetfulness again
Can one forget?
It is difficult to forget if there is pain which usually happens because of guilt or blame
When all complaints are dropped and there is no one to blame
What remains is 'agenda': desires and aspirations
Most desires come from an experience of lack or low-self esteem
Based on fear, one wants to rush into a series of actions
Which is wonderful as this universe is all about changes and movements
Struggle starts when power of actions seems to diminish due to attachment to goals
Life has shown-up in a certain manner and I simply need to act
Just focus on the steps or maybe not even focus, simply flow
Moving from the experience of being a small pond
To flowing like a river - forgetfully but powerfully and synchronized with the enter universe
Into the magnificent ocean of being