Thursday, November 29, 2007

Alchemical secret of transformation

...A single step and the journey is over.

That single step is to do everything watchfully.

You move your hand watchfully; you open your eyes watchfully; you walk, you take your steps alert, aware; you eat, you drink, but never allow mechanicalness to take possession over you. This is the only alchemical secret of transformation.

A man who can do everything fully consciously becomes a luminous phenomenon. He is all light, and his whole life is full of fragrance and flowers. The mechanical man lives in dark holes, dirty holes. He does not know the world of light; he is like a blind man. The man of watchfulness is really the man who has eyes.


The important thing is that you are watchful. Slowly, as the watcher becomes more and more stable, a transformation happens, at this time the things that you are watching disappear.

For the first time, the watcher itself becomes the watched, the observer itself becomes the observed.


The following qualities are essential in all different methods of meditation:

1. a relaxed state of mind, no fight within the mind, no control of the mind, and no concentration.

2. just watch with awareness whatever is going on, without any interference, just watch the mind silently, without any judgment or evaluation.

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